Current Project

Olive pressing mill

In order to cope with the expansion in olive plantations (1,000.000 trees) and the subsequent huge yield , the company has installed a modern olive pressing mill of 240 tons / day , which is the largest in the region.


The company installed 5 silos of 15.000 tons total capacity

Corn Dryer

Yellow corn has been introduced as a new promising crop to efficiently use the available resources of the company during summer seasons , to meet the growing demand of the industry

Cold Storage

Aljouf had established a cold storage facility of 5000 tons for potatoes

Wheat seeds purification and treatment unit

As the company is officially authorized as wheat seeds producer

Honey-Bee production

Aljouf produces the finest, natural honey and royal gel out of 1000 hives distributed in the fruit orchard and alfalfa fields .

Project Under Constrauction