The project of the company is located at Busaita – Wadi Alsarhan-Aljouf district in the northern region of Saudi Arabia . The Total area of the project is 60000 hectares of fertile soil , abundant underground water reservoir and favorable climatic c


The Orchard consists of different fruit trees such as ; peach , apricot , plum , pear and grapes. Annual production of 4000 tons of marketable produce that enter the grading and packing facility where it is made ready for the markets. Aljouf fruits a

Processed Products

In accordance with the company plan that aims at exploiting part of the huge volume of fresh products through processing into a wide range of processed products , the present processing center will be developed and expanded to a large scale processin

Greenhouse Vegetables

It had been established in an area of 4000 Sq.m to produce different vegetable crops such as Tomato , Pepper , Squash , Cucumber and eggplant to meet the local market requirements through out the year . An expansion plan is underway .


Is established to produce seedlings of fruits and olive trees for the new extensions . Also to satisfy the needs of the local farmers with healthy true – to – type seedlings at competitive prices .