The project of the company is located at Busaita – Wadi Alsarhan-Aljouf district in the northern region of Saudi Arabia . The Total area of the project is 60000 hectares of fertile soil , abundant underground water reservoir and favorable climatic c

Yellow corn

Has been introduced as a new promising crop to efficiently use the available resources of the company during summer


Aljouf cultivate an area of 1500 hectares of both processing and table potatoes ( total of 50.000 tons annually )

Forage Crops

A- Alfalfa : is the main forage crop in an area of 4000 hectares that produce 100.00 tons of high quality forage which is highly appreciated by major dairy producers .


Growing watermelon come as part of crop diversification plan that aims at the efficient and rational use of available resources .


It is considered to be the major crop, as it occupies the largest area ( 14.000 hectares ). Average yield is the highest in the region ( 8 tons per hectare ).


Al jouf has long been famous for its high quality onion