Aljouf olive oil had gained an excellent international reputation in the major olive oil markets in the world . A volume of 600 tons had been exported to Spain and Italy . Aljouf olive oil has been certified as : Organic by the prestigious organization C O A F . The company produces about 1100 tons per year of organic olive oil and extra virgin touched 8000 tons, God willing, and the product is marketed locally and abroad. It is worth noting that the share is exported from the production company to the leading companies in European countries (Al Borges pont Spanish), (a company finastate, Switzerland). It is also worth mentioning that the company has one of the largest presses in the region and contemporary production capacity of 240 tons per day and given the current lack of understanding of the winepress productivity of our work is underway to secure additional presses. The company also owns tanks to store olive oil capacity of 500 tons and equipped to maintain the quality of the product until filled. The company also owns the top line to fill out a technique where the energy of packing line 3000 tons / hour, which allows packing in record time to meet the needs of the market on a permanent basis throughout the year. And the fact that olive oil is one of the strategic crops company, he has given the company's management is particularly keen on the product through promotion and publicity campaigns for, as well as to participate festivals and specialized exhibitions to introduce the product, which has led to open new outlets and then reflected in the rates of discharge and average prices. Because of the increased output per year and to maintain the average price has been allocated a share of production for export to European and Arab countries the following: - 1 - Spain. 2 - Switzerland. 3 - State of United Arab Emirates. 4 - Kingdom of Bahrain. 5 - State of Kuwait. It is worth mentioning that not export to Europe during the past short period as was done previously in order to dispose of nearly 600 tons of oil at local markets.It is known that olive oil has significant health benefits to human health because of the important components also has a variety of uses as described in the following